Winter Workshop 2019

Bridges to Common Ground

January 18-20, 2019 * Treehaven, Tomahawk, WIWWlogo

The Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education invites you to join us at the 2019 WAEE Winter Workshop on January 18-20, 2019 at Treehaven, in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. This year’s theme is Bridges to Common Ground, and strands include:
  • Living Off the Land
  • Learning From the Land
  • Perspectives On the Land

Winter Workshop runs from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. You’ll have the opportunity to network, participate in hands-on sessions and try out some skis or snowshoes. Evening entertainment will include live music, a silent auction, Nertz tournament, and fire-side merriment. Bring homemade items or donations from your organization to help support the scholarship fund through the silent auction. There will be learning and fun all weekend long!

Jerry Jondreau & Family

Keynote Address

Jerry Jondreau

The Good Life: Ojibwe Perspectives on Living Well on the Land.

Jerry’s presentation will include the beginnings of Ojibwe people, how we learned from nature the ways to live a good life and the Seven Fires Prophecy. Jerry will also discuss the importance of returning to regional scales, living within season, and always returning something when we take something from nature.

Winter Workshop Schedule

Special Events:

Join the Brutal Gourmet for his final Winter Workshop meal.

Brutal Gourmet

The Brutal Gourmet Experience – The Final Frontier
Saturday, 10:50am – 12:50pm (Session 3 & Lunch) pre-registration required
(optional introduction open to all in Session 2, 9:40am-10:40am)   
This is your last chance to experience the Brutal Gourmet in its current incarnation. L. Dean Sauers is making his final appearance for The Brutal Gourmet at this year’s Winter Workshop. Over session 3 and the lunch hour participants will prepare, cook, and eat food outdoors in The Brutal Gourmet fashion. Enjoy outdoor culinary skills and fellowship in true EE form. Participants are also encouraged to attend the Brutal Gourmet Intro Session during session 2, which is open to all, where you will learn the history, process and production of The Brutal Gourmet. Perhaps a new apprentice will learn enough carry the experience forward to the future!

Fishing for Dinner

Fishing For Dinner Friday Workshop
Friday, 1pm – 6pm,  pre-registration required
Fishing For Dinner – Certification workshop where you’ll learn to ice fish, how to prep and eat your catch, and be able to teach others. 
Most Wisconsinites live within 50 miles of fishable waters that offer many places to catch a healthy and delicious dinner, with a low food-miles score. Become certified to lead community learn-to-fish programs that target adults and families or weave them into the classroom. Brush up on your own basic fishing skills during hands-on activities so that you can teach them to others and take home a guide to implementing these programs, in partnership with DNR. Bring clothing suitable for ice fishing.

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