WAEE Consortium Background Information

Mission: Increase capacity and facilitate collaborations between traditional and non- traditional environmental education organizations to support education that advances environmental literacy and sustainability for urban and other underserved populations.

Vision: The WAEE Consortium will establish collaborative partnerships between member organizations to collectively address regional and statewide environmental and community based needs. This consortium will help individual organizations transition from operating in isolation to being able to leverage collaborations with other traditional and non- traditional EE organizations. Members will be able to communicate by use of consortium networking tools to partner with each other on current and future issues, professional development, and broad community impact.

WAEE Consortium History 

In 2013-14, WAEE was awarded an EE Capacity Grant (Cornell University & NAAEE). This grant focused on building the capacity of EE in our state by forming a group with a diverse representation of “traditional”, i.e. nature centers and “non-traditional” EE organizations, i.e. community groups. The initial 21 members were selected based on geographic location and type of organization they represented. It is the job of members to represent that type, rather than their home organization. In October, WAEE was awarded a mini grant to support ongoing projects of the Consortium for another year.

Looking Back:  3 Goals of 2013-14

Goal 1: Conduct State-wide Status & Needs Survey

Outcome: State-wide Status & Needs Survey

Goal 2:  Professional Development & Networking

Outcome: Regional Networking Events throughout the state, face-to-face meetings of the consortium

Goal 3:  Establish a point-of-entry: increasing online presence through EEinWI.org


WAEE Consortium Members

Members Type of Organization Initiatives
Steve Kerlin University, Extension
Emily Brown EE Center
Jacqueline Schram Tribal
Nathan Larson Community, Gardening
Stefan Anderson Residential EE
Lynn Karbowski State Affiliate
Victoria Ryberg PK-12 Schools
Virginia Wiggen, Brenna Holzauer, Betsy Parker EE Center
Scott Johnson EE Center, University
Justin Hougham, Max Myers 4H EE Center
Sara Windjue Energy Education/Sustainability
Tom Finley, Elise Hansen, Don Quintenz Audubon
Cathy Techtmann Extension
Peter Gebhardt Boys & Girls Club
Maria del Carmen Moreno, Ph.D. University
Erik Keisler Nature Center
Jean Claassen USFS
Analiese Smith KAB Affiliate, Green School Consortium
Karla Lockman School Forest
Scott Ashmann TENFEE, Early Childhood EE
Carly Swatek Interpretation