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About Access Permissions for Wild Apricot Forums

Controls what different kinds of visitors to the forum can do. You can set access permissions separately for public visitors, and for each membership level and member group. If you restrict permissions by both membership levels and member groups, then members will be granted the highest permission assigned to the levels and groups they belong to. For example, if you provide read-only access for Bronze members but full access to members of the Steering Committee member group, then a Bronze member who is also a member of the Steering Committee will be granted full access. You can choose from the following permission settings:

– No access: Cannot read forum topics.
– Read: Can read topics, but cannot reply or create new topics.
– Read, comment: Can read topics and reply to them, but cannot create new topics.
– Read, comment, create topics: Can read topics, reply to them, and create new topics.


Public visitors (non-members) can never create new topics. Administrators in admin view can always view, reply to, and create topics, and modify and delete any topic or reply. In public view, administrators are subject to the same restrictions as others at the same membership level.