ScheibelTENFEE, also known as the Teacher Educators Network for Environmental Education is a special interest group within WAEE.

EE Workshop: June 11-14, 2017!

Through a National Science Foundation grant, TENFEE was able to offer an expense paid workshop on June 11-14, 2017, in Madison. This workshop targeted any faculty or staff who deliver environmental education to students seeking licenses in agriculture, early childhood, middle childhood-early adolescence, and secondary social studies and science. Two representatives from each teacher education program were able to participate with support for lodging, meals, instructional materials, a stipend of $400, and child care.

For more information, email retruc22@uwosh.edu.

TENFEE was created to serve three main purposes: Communication, Advocacy, and Research.

  • Communication hub for environmental education in teacher education programs
    • Teacher education programs will share information with one another through TENFEE.
    • Information from other agencies will also be shared and dispersed through TENFEE, specifically tenfee@waee.org
    • The group will meet at least annually to maintain communication and aim to improve teacher education programs in EE.
    • Regional networking opportunities will be planned and organized.
  • Advocate for teacher education program inclusion of EE
    • Provide input to DPI regarding licensing
    • Assist teacher education programs to be accountable for including EE in teacher education programs
      • Utilize the NAAEE Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators
      • Create support materials to guide teacher educators
  • Umbrella for research in higher education including
    • Research of graduates from teacher education programs
    • Environmental literacy of pre-service teachers
    • Teacher education program implementation of environmental education

For more information contact: