Purpose – Increase the capacity and impact of nature centers in Wisconsin through networking, collaboration, professional development, and services to schools and the public.

Vision – Nature centers and other environmental education organizations in Wisconsin will regularly collaborate to support PK-12 and lifelong learning in environmental education, increase the number and diversity of citizens that participate in environmental education programming, coordinate programming across organizations, offer professional development, act as expert resources for each other, and partner to secure funding.

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The Wisconsin Nature Centers Collaborative consists of administrators, environmental educators, interpreters, and other staff from nature centers, parks, museums, camps, gardens, recreation and wildlife areas, as well as many other public and private organizations across the state of Wisconsin. Each organization that is a part of the Nature Center Collaborative has environmental education as a central part of their mission, regularly operates programs to increase awareness of the environment, environmental issues and improve visitors’ environmental literacy. Nature Centers in the collaborative also typically own or manage property (land and/or buildings) for visitation for the purpose of learning about the natural environment. This definition of “nature centers” is a very general. Organizations do not need to have the words “nature center” in their organization name.

As of May 2015, the Wisconsin Nature Centers Collaborative includes 136 nature centers from all over the state. Within the collaborative there are seven regions that were created based on physical location of organizations, counties, and pre-existing networks. Organizations within regions network and collaborate among each other, strengthening their community. All regions are considered to be regions without boundaries, and network statewide among other regions.

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