The statewide membership of WAEE elects three new members to its 11-person board each autumn. Board members each serve a three-year term. WAEE’s board coordinates all activities of the organization and provide energetic and forward-looking leadership to its membership.

Board candidates are either self-nominated or invited by others to run for election. Each candidate completes a nomination form describing their background, experience, and goals for the organization. Ballots containing these statements are emailed and mailed to all members. The three candidates receiving the most votes are elected. Two student board members from different Wisconsin college or university campuses are elected each year by a similar process and serve one-year terms. 

Board meetings are held 4-5 times per year, two in conjunction with the annual conference and winter workshop and the remaining meetings via Zoom.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Attend at the majority of annual board meetings.
  • Attend the Board Retreat in Spring 2019 (dates to be announced).
  • Actively serve on at least one WAEE committee each year.
  • Be an ambassador and active team player for the organization.
  • Serve on at least one Annual Conference committee during the three-year term.
  • Communicate with WAEE members as their representative on the board.

  2020 Board Nomination Form

WAEE Elections Cycle

  • Early August – Call for Nominations
  • Early November – Nomination Deadline
  • Mid-November – Ballot Distributed
  • Early December – Election Deadline
  • Mid-December – Results Announced

Student Board Members

Student Board Nominations


  • A fun, responsible, person with an interest in furthering environmental education in the state and representing the needs of student WAEE members
  • A full or part time student enrolled at an accredited college or university
  • Major in education, environmental education, natural resource management, interpretation or a related field
  • A member of WAEE at time of appointment to the board


  • Serve a 9 month to 1 year term beginning September 1
  • Attend 75% of board meetings (there are usually a few per academic year)
  • Attend WAEE’s Annual Conference and WAEE’s Winter Workshop
  • Provide a voice for WAEE student membership at board meetings
  • Promote WAEE events and scholarships to students


  • Great addition to your resume
  • Make a difference in environmental education and have your ideas heard
  • Network with like-minded individuals
  • Have a say in creating priorities for WAEE

WAEE Student Elections Cycle

  • Early April – Call for Nominations
  • Early May – Nomination Deadline
  • Mid-May – Board of Directors votes on Student Board Members
  • Early June – Results Announced